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Who is Wellpath?

Wellpath (Wellpath) is a healthcare company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. We will begin providing services on behalf of the Brunswick County

What about health insurance?

The normal waiting period for Wellpath benefits is being waived. All employees will be eligible for health insurance the first day of employment with Wellpath, provided that the employee and their dependents had coverage in place under their current group plan at least 60 days prior to first day of the contract with Wellpath.

Employees and their dependents who were not on the current group plan at least 60 days prior to the Wellpath start date will be subject to the Wellpath eligibility waiting period (first of the month after 60 days of employment) and pre-existing condition limitations. Any time already met towards the waiting period of the current plan will be applied towards the remainder of the waiting period.

Will my salary change?

Wellpath will be hiring employees at their current rate of pay.

What about my seniority?

Transitioning employee’s seniority with your current employer will be recognized to offset the benefit waiting periods as described in #2 above and for calculation of paid time off. Your hire date will be based on the date of hire with Wellpath.

Will you offer employees the opportunity to purchase voluntary benefits?

Yes, employees will be briefed on the opportunity to purchase voluntary benefits such as short-term disability, long term disability, life insurance, and flexible spending accounts.

How will we enroll for benefits?

Employees will have to enroll over the phone to begin their benefits prior to the contract start date. Employees will call 1-844-378-0630 to enroll in Benefits. After the start date of the contract, employees will be able to enroll only by visiting Wellpath’ Intranet Site Wellpath MGR (www.ccsmgr.com) and selecting the Wellpath Benefit Focus link.

What about present vacation and sick time accruals?

Wellpath will allow employees to begin vacation and sick time accruals starting day one of employment of Wellpath. Vacation and sick time accrued prior to the Wellpath start date are the responsibility and liability of your current employer. Questions regarding these topics should be forwarded to a member of your current management staff.

I was planning a vacation. What do I do now?

Accrual balances prior to Wellpath employment, will typically be paid by your current employer. Employees need to remember to save this money for scheduled vacations since you will be, in effect, pre-paid for your vacation time. In addition, you will begin accruing vacation time at Wellpath, effective day one of your employment with Wellpath. Wellpath will not advance vacation time to new team members. For vacations that you already have planned and booked, please advise the Wellpath team during your transition so accommodations can be made.

What about sick time?

Historically, Wellpath has established a plan where staff will be provided a limited number of days to go in a “negative” balance should you have a medical illness or medical emergency. These sick days will be paid back as you accrue sick time and the program is subject to management’s discretion. This offer is only available during the first 90 days of the contract startup.