It's more than a career.
It's a calling.

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Join a family of compassionate people just like you who every day get the honor of helping over 240,000 of the most vulnerable, underserved, and overlooked patients in our communities

For those of you whose calling it is to serve others, this is your moment. Your chance to care for those desperately in need, and to do your part to heal the world, one patient at a time.

Make A Difference

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Our 5-H Culture Philosophy


A mindset that ensures we never lose sight of our identity and our loyalty to those we serve and support.


A commitment to the highest level of personal and professional integrity with our partners. and our patients


A desire for all personnel and management to learn, teach and grow in a team-supported environment.

Hard Work

A fundamental willingness to work harder and smarter in the interest of providing consistently better service to our partners and patients.


A stress release valve that is essential for a positive, passionate attitude, and a superior quality of life at work.

Wellpath Outreach

Caring for patients with dignity is our work and that spirit doesn't stop when a shift ends. We're an active part of all our communities, volunteering, giving back and doing good. Many of our correctional patients will return to our communities and how we cared for them impacts their return and help them become better members of our communities. It's in all our best interests to do a little more.

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  • Maine Hospice Council & Center for End-of-Life Care