Job Scam Alert

Like many large companies, we have recently received reports of scammers posing as Wellpath recruiters in an attempt to trick candidates into providing personal data such as direct deposit information.

· Check the email address:

The scammers are using a fake email domain that is very close to our official Wellpath email address in an effort to trick people. The best way to identify the scam is to confirm their email address. All official Wellpath communications will come from the email domain. If you receive any other communications, requests, or offers from any other email domain on behalf of Wellpath, DO NOT RESPOND and immediately forward the suspicious email to our cybersecurity team at An example of a fake email might look like

· Confirm the LinkedIn account:

Scammers are also targeting candidates using fake LinkedIn profiles that appear to be Wellpath accounts. If you are contacted by a recruiter via LinkedIn be sure to verify that the user is associated with this official Wellpath LinkedIn Company profile. If it is not, DO NOT REPLY and please report the incident to

· Only interview in person, on the phone, or via video chat:

The scammers also attempt to set up “text only” interviews where they will try to get personal information from individuals. Wellpath recruiters will NOT perform any text only interviews. If someone attempts to set up a text only interview, please report it to

· Never give payment information to a recruiter:

Job scammers ultimately will attempt to get money or bank information which is the biggest indication of a scam. If a recruiter representing Wellpath requests any type of payment information, please report it to

If at any point you feel uncomfortable during the candidate process with Wellpath please contact us and report the situation.

Thank you,

Wellpath Cypersecurity Team