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Our response
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Today’s COVID-19 environment is unique in many ways, but it is a healthcare challenge our team is meeting head-on. Wellpath is tracking the evolving state of the pandemic and continually deploying initiatives and recommendations by the government, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Health and safety are our top priorities. To protect Wellpath staff, patients and the community from the spread of COVID-19, each team member is equipped with PPE based on CDC criteria and best practices.

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Caring is a way of life
at Wellpath

We’re proud to offer rewarding Behavioral Health career opportunities at forensic mental health facilities, state psychiatric hospitals, and correctional facilities. These workplaces are as safe and secure as any public hospital and you’ll be supported every step of the way. For example, you’ll never be alone with a patient and when you need help or guidance, an experienced professional will be there for you.

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Inpatient and Residential
Treatment Facilities

We believe all individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and that individuals suffering from mental illness can and do recover. At Wellpath, our responsibility is to help those entrusted in our care to achieve satisfying lives by providing patient-centered, recovery-oriented treatment. With more than 2,500 skilled professionals, our Recovery Solutions division continues to exceed standards of care.

4 Unique Types of Facilities Served

  • Forensic Mental Health

    Evidence-based, trauma-informed behavioral health services to individuals found incompetent to proceed to trial and not guilty by reason of insanity. Wellpath has developed processes for ensuring respect for patient rights, prevention of abuse, neglect and exploitation, the virtual elimination of seclusion and restraint, and effective linkages to the community, legal system, state psychiatric facilities, and other agencies.
  • Sex Offender Treatment

    Sex offender treatment to individuals detained or civilly committed under The Involuntary Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators Act (FS 394.910). In addition to evidence-based, sex offender specific treatment, Wellpath also provides comprehensive psychological, psychiatric, substance abuse, medical, dental, vocational, recreational, educational and dietary services.
  • Civil Mental Health

    This patient population consists primarily of severely and persistently mentally ill adults in state psychiatric hospitals who are involuntarily committed when community treatment alternatives are no longer effective. The hospital provides a secure setting with longer-term treatment by psychiatrist-led teams of clinicians. Wellpath’s mission is to empower each person served to acquire and use learned skills and receive the necessary support to achieve maximum independence, success, and satisfaction in a less restrictive environment.
  • Local Detention-Based Competency

    Jail-based competency evaluation and restoration services for patients found incompetent to proceed to trial, including assessment and evaluations, individualized treatment planning, individual and group treatment, psychiatric services, psychological services, medication and medication monitoring, peer support, discharge planning, and medical and dental care.


  • First state hospital in Florida to implement electronic medical records

  • Significantly reduced average length of stay for civil psychiatric patients while maintaining low recidivism rate

  • Decreased number of days to restore competency for forensic patients

  • Initiated Crisis Intervention Training for security staff

  • Introduced recovery culture using treatment mall approach

  • Virtually eliminated restraint / seclusion

  • Constructed new state-of-the art facilities – cost to build and operate is less per bed than state was previously spending to operate the old facility

  • Increased amount of treatment delivered to patients

  • Dramatically increased civil and forensic bed utilization rate

  • Achieved and maintains Joint Commission accreditation

Why Wellpath?

We’re committed to making a difference!

We believe in caring for patients with compassion, respect, and dignity just as if they were a member of our own families. As a nursing professional, you will have autonomy when caring for patients and you can use your strong assessment skills to quickly identify risk factors and provide quality care. Join us today and make a difference!

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You will be proud to work here because as a leader in public healthcare we make a difference every day by providing hope and healing to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments.